Exporting to Vietnam

Exporting brings many benefits to businesses, so over time you can be successful, profitable, create expansion and diversification, however it still requires a great deal of perseverance, commitment and time.

Inadequate market knowledge and connections into the Vietnam region, even with the right target buyer can easily and quickly turn to costly failure. Even as an Australian supplier, your initial entry into such a market can become a major challenge alone.

At Branasi, our expert knowledge and professional advisory export<->import services are already helping Australian suppliers to connect their products and produce successfully into the Vietnamese market.

Branasi will make your international business journey that much easier. We’re here to help break through the challenges of connecting you to new and unfamiliar market challenges of Vietnam and assist our Vietnam clients to connect with credible Australian suppliers.

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Australia is internationally regarded as one of the worlds highest quality food producers and natural resource suppliers.

As an Australian supplier, you have a unique opportunity to expand your business into the Vietnamese market.

Branasi has the connections and processes to successfully connect your business with this New World Export.


Vietnamese buyers seek to buy Australian – The reputation of Australian products and produce is synonymous with “very high quality and a clean healthy environment” creating a highly desirable and sought after Australian Made market.

Branasi is already connected with some of the largest national companies and “consumer” markets within Vietnam and is continuing to build a network of exclusive buyers. Branasi is successfully linking Vietnamese businesses with Australian suppliers.

Why use Branasi

We hold exclusive agreements and relationships with some of the largest Vietnamese businesses. Our unique blend of cultural-ties and professional commercial experiences makes the “Australian and Vietnamese ways of doing business” a simpler journey to ensure a highly successful outcome.

Branasi is connecting more and more Australian suppliers  to Vietnamese import business owners and buyers, looking for quality 100% Australian produce and products. Our own business employs Vietnamese professionals who are skilled with the nuances of Vietnam import and export commercialisation.


Branasi is an Australian based business, operating right in the heart of Sydney, Australia.

We are a team of highly specialised and experienced export advisers of quality selected 100% Australian products and produce to service the needs of the Vietnamese market.

Our select team of both Australian and Vietnamese business professionals, are well versed in all commercial, legal, importation, cross-border challenges, compliance’s, government regulations and standards for both Vietnam and Australia.

Our team is able to handle simple product exports, right through to complex product buying and commercial negotiations  on behalf of Vietnamese buyers and Australian Suppliers, wanting to quickly and successfully connect their businesses.

At Branasi, our aim is to make Australian brands the most desirable products within Vietnam.


Branasi – helping to connect 100% Australian business to Vietnam Buyers.

Australian Suppliers : To discuss how Branasi can help you to diversify your brand into Vietnam – Just call + 61 401 84 1234

Vietnamese Buyers : To discuss how Branasi can help you to connect your business to reputable 100% Australian Suppliers – Just call + 61 451 743 394

Nhà nhập khẩu Việt Nam: Để tìm hiểu phương thức Branasi có thể hỗ trợ Quý công ty kết nối với những Doanh nghiệp cung ứng hàng đầu 100% sở hữu của Úc – Vui lòng liên hệ + 61 451 743 394